Sell Property

Our seller clients are often private individuals and investors but may also include servicers, lenders, credit unions, asset management firms, GSEs and other government entities. By selling at auction vs traditional sale, our clients reap the benefits of a faster, easier sale. Most of our auction properties are not "distressed"; they simply belong to a seller who prefers the auction method of disposition to a lengthier, more cumbersome traditional sale.

Some of the Key Benefits of Selling at Auction Include:

  • Accelerated sale and timetable reduces carrying costs such as maintenance, taxes, interest and lost opportunities
  • No negotiations with buyers; the auction contract is non- negotiable and the terms are set by the seller in advance
  • "As Is, Where Is" sale; the property is sold in its current condition with no warranty, guarantee or representation being made or implied.
  • Inspections and other contingencies such as financing do not apply
  • The date certain of sale gives buyers greater incentive to act and forces buyers circling the property to make a decision.
  • Buyers are prequalified and must have certified funds to bid
  • All cash closing in 30-45 days, if not faster
  • Achieving the highest possible price in the shortest period of time

Who is a Good Candidate for Selling Property at Auction?

Successful sellers are motivated sellers. They are willing to accept the high bid because they trust that our aggressive, targeted auction marketing and the competitive auction bidding will result in a high bid that reflects true market value. The seller first and foremost must have realistic price expectations. If the seller also works with us to select the type of auction and terms that best meet the needs of the seller and the property being auctioned, the greatest possible results will be achieved.

What Type of Property is a Good Candidate for Auction?

While almost any type of property can be successfully sold at auction, some of the properties most frequently sold at auction include:

  • Luxury or trophy properties that are unique and/or hard to value
  • Portfolios owned by institutions or investors
  • Property that must be sold quickly
  • Property that is best sold in "as is" condition
  • Property that is part of a business liquidation, such as furniture, fixtures and equipment, machinery, or vehicles
  • Property that is being liquidated due to a bankruptcy, divorce or estate sale
  • Property that is being sold by court order
  • Property that was seized by the government

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