AW Properties Global Awarded Subcontract by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC and the U.S. Department of Energy to Sell Brand New, Nuclear Grade Equipment from the Cancelled MOX Project (First of Several Auctions Closes June 18):

AW Properties Global has been awarded the subcontract to sell approximately 450,000 brand new, nuclear grade equipment assets from the cancelled MOX Project. AW Properties Global has partnered with Liquidity Services and PPL Group to auction the assets from the Savannah River Site that are currently located at a property storage location in Barnwell, SC.

The assets are the highest nuclear grade available and include generators, copper cable, variable frequency drives, air conditioning units, and compressors. They can easily be re-purposed for general manufacturing use. This is a rare opportunity to acquire brand new equipment that is top nuclear grade. Because the assets are in their original packaging, they can be easily removed with no decommissioning required.

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